Artistry, Industry, and Double-Edged Swords: An Interview With Majesty Da God

Straight from the belly of Los Angeles, Majesty Da God has been making a name for himself.

Born Melchizedec Andrews-Bey, the South Central rapper has been dropping lyrical dynamite on Soundcloud, with catchy instrumentals to back his dynamic rasp of a voice. He grew up with a passion for artists that spoke about their surroundings honestly, falling in love with hip-hop icons like N.W.A. and Notorious B.I.G.

Da God shows appreciation for his influences without ripping off the artists he has idolized, something many, many rappers struggle with daily (let alone for their whole careers).

Here’s what we talked about…

HG: “God” is the latest single you’ve dropped on Soundcloud, and on the track, your voice and flow match the beat perfectly. How do you know when a song is finished? How do you prepare and write your verses?

MTG: I just have to feel really good about the song from start to finish. I’ll listen to a song for a couple of days sometimes weeks before I put the stamp on it. As far as verses, I just write. I find the right beat, pick a topic and just go. I’m always recording lines here and there on my phone that I freestyle throughout the day so if I’m having writer’s block I go to the catalogue, find something I like and run with it.


HG: “The game done changed since I was younger, they flooded the market with bullshit left the good shit buried under.” How do you feel about the current state of modern hip-­hop?

MTG: I think it has its pros and cons just like anything else. I think when you’re looking at the majors it seems like most of them are following a pattern of how to turn a profit which is the objective of any business. It’s just unfortunate that the artistry is taking a dive because of it. A lot of independent artists are trying to fit into that mold as well so you get a bunch of music that sounds the same.

It then trickles down to the consumer because most people don’t want to take a chance on a new artist because they’re bombarded with the same material all day. But then on the other side you have great artists making phenomenal music because it’s easier to get your music on iTunes and all these platforms where fans listen to music now. But there’s so much competition and only so much advertising space to go around. It’s very hard to get through the noise, but once you do the world can witness great music.

It’s definitely a double-­‐edged sword so as an artist you just have to pick your lane and go.

HG: Describe your perfect breakfast.

MTG: I think the best breakfast I ever had was the French toast from Hash-­House A Go Go in Vegas. Get you some cheese eggs with green onions and a couple strips of bacon. That’s a breakfast for the Gods.

HG: Who are some of your favorite artists in the game right now?

MTG: Lately I’ve been banging that Panda track. It’s pretty dope. I’m curious to hear what he follows up with. My main artists though are Kanye, Kendrick, Drake, Pusha T, and Jay-Z. I also can’t wait to hear that No Way Out 2 by Diddy. The 1st one was a classic. He should reach out and get me on that album.

HG: “Bass” absolutely bumps. Tell me about collaborating with Black jacket Pictures for the video. Did you have an idea of what you wanted before you shot it?

MTG: First off, shout out to Ro and all the fam at Black Jacket. Those cats are phenomenal. I didn’t really have a clear idea at first but once I took Ro and Amanda to the venue where we shot it, they came up with these dope ideas that really made the visual pop. Our zombie chick was pretty dope.

HG: Tell me what makes a good song to you.

MTG: A song that stirs up emotion in you. It could make you dance, laugh, cry, angry, anything. Those are the songs that last and stand the test of time.

HG: What’s next for Majesty Da God? What can the fans expect in the future?

MTG: Well I’ll be dropping the The Apollo EP II soon. The first video I’m filming this month is for the song “Chain on 50.” I’m doing that one with Black Jacket as well and It’s gonna be better than anything we’ve ever done so far so I’m excited about that. And I’ll definitely be on the road a lot more this year so make sure you follow me @MajestyDaGod on all social media to stay updated on dates and new music. As far as the future, I’ll just say that I’m always growing and learning as a person and I hope that will be reflected in my future projects. I just encourage my fans to enjoy the ride and where ever it takes us is where we’ll be.


For more information on Majesty Da God, click here.

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