Salmon Breakfast, Sly Gusto, And Baby Spice: My Interview With Oscar


By: Harrison Giza
Photo: Daniyel Lowden

Oscar Scheller is an artist who deserves a Grammy. He’s dropping a new album soon, but before you go and fall in love with his sure-to-be unreleased beauties, you should get familiar with the songwriter himself.
He has dropped just three songs on his Soundcloud, but the trio of tracks are nothing short of absolute pleasure. Oscar has a way of making his art come across with sly gusto, a magnificent feat with a Morrisey atmosphere. The lyric video for “Daffodil Days” is great too, simple enough to match Oscar’s vintage new-wave vantage like sand at the dreaded beach.
On Facebook, he describes his music as being in the “Poptart” genre, but does not go into what flavor it consists of. Is it frosted? Is it not? Is there really a need to be asking these questions?

I talked with Oscar a few weeks ago, trying to put together little pieces of the artist as best as I could.

HG: “Stay” is an addicting listen. Tell me how you wrote that piece?

OS: I wrote the chorus chords on my little Casio keyboard that I carry around with me everywhere I go. They came first and then the verse came afterwards. It started out with quite an R’n’B type attitude to it, but then the chord progression brought out something more mellow.

HG: In “Beautiful Words,” you talk about your love of using the English language. Do you have a favorite word?

OS: My favourite word at the moment is ‘mystic.’
HG: Describe your perfect breakfast.

OS: Smoked Salmon on a toasted sesame seed bagel with Avocado and Poached Eggs!

HG: How did you end up making the Spice Girls swoon at such an early age? When was that photo taken?

OS: I think I was so shy in front of them. Me and Baby got on the most (makes sense) but at the time my favourite was Sporty. That photo was taken in 1996 by the Camden Lock. My mum interviewed for her magazine just before they reached world fame.


HG: You have a new album on the way. If you could, describe it’s sound for us.

OS: It’s quite a varied sound, it’s like a bag of pick ‘n’ mix. There’s sweet and sour. Different shapes and sizes.

HG: The riffs that you make force my feet to shake. In your opinion, what makes a good guitar line? Who is your ideal guitarist?

OS: I’m glad that’s the case! A good guitar line is one that makes you want to play along, and something that isn’t too complicated. Like a story that you can follow without getting lost. My ideal guitarist is Link Wray.

HG: “Daffodil Days” pumps with energy and cleverness. When recording a song like that, do you find yourself more focused on perfecting a track or going with the flow until it comes out just right?


OS: That song was one that melodically came together fast but I had a real fight to fully realize the drum pattern in both the verses and the choruses. Originally, it was going to be drum-less, and stood more as a grungy lullaby. Then, after a few days of listening, I decided on that Motown pattern, and in the verses something more minimal.

HG: What’s the last song you want to hear before you die?

OS: Too difficult to say at this point. I suppose it would have to be something pretty epic and transcendental.

HG: Besides making great music, you’ve also got great style. What do you find yourself wearing the most?

OS: I’m a real sucker for denim, and also, love a good jacket.

HG: And finally, where do you want to be a year from now?

OS: In a studio, recording the second album and making a challenging and new sonic journey, discovering, playing all over the world. I want to keep evolving.

For more on Oscar, click on the links below:


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