Life Updates, Runny Noses, and Dogs?

Miss New Beaut be bangin’ with that good stuff.

Miss New Beaut

WOW. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted and let me first apologize. Life has been without a doubt crazy, actually stupendously crazy. Besides googling “Whippet in sweater” nearly every day and feeling all of the wonderful warm tingly feelings of post Xmas time, the end of the semester halted me from posting. I had a wonderful Friendsgiving with a couple of close friends (my bare hands touched the innards of a turkey) and I spent the last two weeks of the semester showering extra long in order to avoid the reality of my culminating school work all while eating taco salads on a daily basis and later regretting it. While all of my time was devoted to getting somewhat adequate grades (and I did wahoo!), the only thing on my mind after the semester ended was the trip my boyfriend Harry and I planned. We spent a night…

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