Album Gallery: Top Five of the Week


By: Harrison Giza

There are lots of different artists, songs, and genres to listen to. When it comes to albums, there are very few works to actually stay truly enjoyable. Time can be bad for music, but, with these five albums, a single note hasn’t been tampered with. All are as significant and influential as they are eternally entertaining.

These are claaassic albums, man. Remember to handle with care.


Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

This album is what got me to get up off my lazy, uncultured ass and scour for whatever new music I could find on the internet. These guys are original in the way they present, play, and steal whatever they have absorbed from their stay at Columbia University. Vampire Weekend is a musical cocktail with a splash of Paul Simon’s solo stuff. It gets the job done for any season and is one of the few debut albums I consistently keep coming back to.

To be played when: you’re going to a party in the Hamptons with your Louie Vuitton-clad Anthro professor.




2. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

The voice. That orchestra. Put me anywhere with those two things and I will find a way to pop open some wine and get sexually political with my main Gaye man. Sure, his voice is nothing short of perfect, but this entire album is. War, love, poverty, hatred of racism, all within thirty-five minutes of thunderously intelligent soul.

To be played when: you want to get freaky while feeling smart (like masturbating to Stephen Hawking).




3. Black Flag – Damaged

Blood. Guts. Fists. Teeth. This album will annihilate you, your friends, and every other brainless skeleton it comes across. Henry Rollins is a screamer with a certain sharpness in his presentation of hardcore punk music. He gives each gain-soaked chord a name and a political belief, each beat a new way of rebelling against the constant of being unoriginal. If you want real punk music, start here.

To be played: in a loud, pubescent car of choice, preferably alone and wearing at least one black item of clothing.




4. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Say what you want about this man. Say what you want about this man’s music. However, know that there is still no album, TO THIS DATE, that has had the critical and pop cultural success as Thriller has. Lennon? McCartney? Fuck ’em. MJ owns the entire court. Anything the guy made with Quincy Jones is golden and will stay that way until the day Ponyboy kicks the bucket.

To be played: at any party anywhere at any time (dancing is a must).




5. Talking Heads – Remain in Light

This album is how cocaine sounds if cocaine had as much energy as David Byrne. It tumbles, it jerks, and mashes afro-pop with post-punk absurdity too good for most humans to understand in their lifetime. The ground shakes. Your ears become paranoid of every sound around them. And then, it’s over and done with, as you stand sweaty and tired, waiting to go on and on and on.

To be played: when you’ve entered a dimension filled with expanding tuxedos and Dances with Lamps.






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