Fall F.O.T.D for anyone who is just as lazy as I am, yes you read that right

Another fantastic piece from Miss New Beaut! She already has a following.. SO GET ON THAT NOW!

Miss New Beaut

If I’m going to be honest here, I have barely worn any makeup this past October. Besides the pressing nature of an early class and the sensual call of omelettes distracting me from dedicating some time to prepping my face for the day, I’ve just felt a lack of makeup inspiration lately. However, pulling out products from the bottom of my (very) dirty makeup bag has given me tingly feelings I haven’t felt in a while. There is something wonderful about a berry lip and taupey eye, but sometimes I just can’t get over the easiness of summer makeup and therefore try to recreate that same effortlessness in the fall time.

Look how pretty. Makeup is pretty.

All it takes is a little inner glow, confidence and 3 cups of coffee. I’M NOT CRAZY IT’S JUST THE CAFFEINE LET’S GET ON WITH THE BLOG WHERE WAS I OH YEAH MAKEUP…

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