My (spooky) Favorites!

Miss New Beaut

Let’s talk October favorites. Well first of all, hello! Shouts out to the first post! Welcome to Miss New Beaut, a blog where I ramble on about makeup, fashion and boring things I do in my life. I talk about things I think are essential to my survival- and yes, yours too. Wonderful things. And what other month could be composed of so many wonderful things besides October? Besides cinnamon constituting around 90% of my diet and 53 tracks on my phone dedicated solely to the sound of crunchy leaves, I have been aimlessly falling in love with autumn dress and makeup (and donuts too).

My first favorite is a blush. Now, I am a blush fiend, gimme any creamy color to slather onto my chubby cheeks and I am a happy gal. I got this Stila Convertible Color in Peony as a gift from Ulta and didn’t happen to…

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