Anger from Cynics continue to Rise as ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raises Money

National Television Awards 2010 - Winners Boards

By: John Cialetta

“You can’t cure ALS by dumping a bucket of ice water on your head. God, I can’t stand how self-gratifying this society is.”

Those were words from a local pessimist and proverbial cynic who until recently was able to make a social career out of mocking trending fads and the hopes and dreams of others.

But the ice bucket challenge has been no normal social media gimmick. Unlike awareness campaigns of the past which allowed people to feel good about themselves without having to hand over precious dollar bills, the ice bucket challenge has lead to a surge in interest, research, and for the first time in recorded history, cash donations.

Unfortunately, the success of the campaign has taken a toll on men and women who’s social role is dependent on telling others they suck. We spoke with a man in a plaid fedora who was also sporting cargo shorts and an Arctic Monkeys t-shirt.


“It’s a damn shame. I’ve been through the ringer on every awareness movement since the early 2000’s. Hell, there was a time where I could make 3 or 4 people a day feel bad about themselves for wearing a Live Strong bracelet. Now people are actually donating to ALS. I feel as though I’ve lost my right to be heard, my right to be disrespectful towards others.”

And it isn’t just our fedora wearing friend who’s been affected negatively by the success of the ice bucket challenge. Our research reveals that passive aggressive remarks have fallen 42 percent, cynical rants about the selfish nature of humanity has dropped 36 percent, and Reddit posts about the lack of authenticity in a fame obsessed culture has fallen a whopping 62 percent.

So the next time you choose to donate 100 dollars to ALS instead of dumping a bucket of water on your head, remember there are people who are dependent on calling you selfish. Don’t forget about those people, dump a bucket of water on your head, record it, and post it to Facebook.

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