Kurt Cobain, Lancaster, and Cold Pizza: My Interview with Medusa’s Disco


By: Harrison Giza


I found out about Medusa’s Disco back when they were going by the name of Seeds. The group give off a different feeling, one that is a combination of warm-rocking boogie and a select-use of loose-lipped funk. Disco is here, but comes dressed in the rugged wrinkle of drunken bar fights and fist-on-face action.



Hailing from Lancaster, PA, the group has already created their own cult following. It’s easy to see why since most of their songs split into so many genres. The poison-soaked riffs in “Not A Care In The World” are beyond incendiary, not to mention Hunter’s vocals channel a pre-needle Cobain with Morrison appreciation. And that’s a good way to look at them. A group formed from the ashes of the biggest bands of the past. The only difference being that Medusa’s Disco has only begun to plant their seeds. We have yet to hear their roots grow…



To me, they fill the universal void for bands that rock. There is not a lot of originality in this batch of generational rock ‘n’ roll, but Lancaster has done good here. Nothing is off. It’s easy to listen to. The solos are just the right amount of melting face you need in your morning coffee. Even tracks like “Medicine,” with sitar-swinging Kinks flare to boot, have a Gordon Gano-meets-dad rock twang to them. It’s terrific.


I talked with the band awhile back, asking them about their favorite music and what food makes the perfect midnight snack (I got pizza for an answer). Please check them out. I highly advise a listen or twelve.




W – Wynton (Guitar/vocals), A – Alex (drummer), H – Hunter (Guitar/Vocals), T- Tyler (Bass/Backup Vocals)

HG: You guys have a sound that escalates with shatters of guitar, crooning vocals, and walloping drums. Where was the first band session? Where did you jam for the first time?

A: Wynton’s Dad’s living room was the first time we played together as a 4-piece band. Before that we had played and jammed acoustically and felt a vivid connection.

HG: How do you feel about the shape of the music industry today?

T: We’re slightly skeptical about signing to label. We’ve all heard about the atrocities that can happen to a band when they sign to a major label, and with the internet exploring new ways of obtaining revenue like bitcoin tipjar, bandcamp, kickstarter, and internet radio, a need for being signed to a label has gone down. I’m a huge fan of Macklemore as an indie artist, since he’s proven that the model of self marketing to stardom can work with the tools artists now have. So we aren’t fully against signing, but we’ll most definitely be reading the fine print before anything is signed. Most likely 3 times just to be sure.

HG: What would you label yourselves?

T: We get this question a lot and we never really know how to answer it. We all have a colorful variety of influences and styles that feed off each other to the point to where it’s hard for other people to classify us as well. We usually just go with Alternative, but Wynton occasional throws the term “Thought Rock” around, so there’s that.

HG: What was the first song you guys ever played together?

T: Strange Chemistry

HG: Influences?

W: What inspires me is any form of art that stands out, bold adventurous, unique. When I see someone do something out of the ordinary, strange, but done in confidence. Whether it be a song, a painting, a poem, I love all forms of expression and feed off of it all. Music is my favorite…I guess… But hey, lets name some bands because; Queens of the Stone Age, Butthole Surfers, Nirvana, Primus, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Incubus, Miles Davis, I could go on, surely.

A: If I don’t play drums for a week of time then I’m mentally agitated and get in a fairly bad mood. I just need to play drums to really function in life. Influences…. Neil Pert, Niko McBrain, and Buddy Rich.

HG: Inspiration?

H: Inspired by other’s talents, Emotions, Thoughts, Existence, Pain. We’re musically Influenced by: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Doors,

T: Creating music truly comes from an internal desire and need to play. I can’t really go a day or two without playing something on some instrument. The creativeness of others helps feed that desire to try to be better, try a new chord pattern, learn a new beat, engage in expanding my understanding of music. You can never win music, you can just keep learning and that’s my favorite part of it all.

T: (continued) Influences – Elliott Smith, Incubus, Blind Melon, Nirvana, Karate, Alice In Chains, The Districts

HG: Favorite midnight snack?

Hunter: Cereal.

Alex: Cold Pizza.

Wynton: Many forms of frozen food.

Tyler: Nutella Banana and bread sandwich with milk.

HG: What can future fans expect from you?

T: We’re recording a 2 track LP right now at Spyro’s Music Center and we have a confirmed date to record another full-length album in October at Fleshtone Studios. We are also starting to expand outwards from central PA and booking more shows in the surrounding states. We’re currently waiting for our music video for “Box of Animals” to be edited together and completed, and that’s goin to be a blast when it comes out.

HG: What is your idea of a good album? Example?

H: An album that we can listen to on repeat and find a new element to love about a song we might have not heard before. Queens Of The Stone Age – Like clockwork and Incubus – A Crow Left Of The Murder

HG: Where are you from and how long have you been there?

H: We’re from Lancaster country and this was where the band was conceived. We’ve been together for about a year and a half.

HG: “Box of animals” is undeniably a sinisterly funky song. What inspired that riff? Where was the song written?

H: Wynton came up with the main riff in our friend’s garage when Hunter and Wynton were just jamming together. The band was not formed at this point in time.

HG: James Bond or Batman?

A: ¾ Batman, ¼ James Bond

HG: Why “Questions by a ghost?”

T: We chose “Questioned By A Ghost” because our super fan Nathan Reinsmith misheard a lyric on our hidden track “Medicine” and asked us if that was a line. We all thought that was a great line and it felt right.

HG: Which song are you each the most proud of?

W: Strange Chemistry – Through recording and rerecording it, I felt a giant leap of progress in my guitar technique.

H: Park Bench Pigeons – It’s growth from my solo album version to the SEEDS creation (Hunter, Wynton, and Tyler all had solo albums before SEEDS)

A: Eyes Are Oceans – because of the passionate feeling at the ending.

T: Not A Care – Our musicianship is on display more on this track as we all get a chance to be in the foreground. Also I love how the intro came out.

For more on Medusa’s Disco CLICK HERE: http://www.seedsband.com

For their Bandcamp CLICK HERE: http://medusasdisco.bandcamp.com


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