Happiness, Hollandaise, and Zola: My interview with Wonder Villains


By: Harrison Giza

Wonder Villains melt my soul. All the way from the UK’s Londonderry, Villains make party-pop music that sticks in your ears for hours and hours. It makes sense too, seeing as two of their biggest influences are ABBA and Weezer.

The first song I heard by them was “Zola,” a tune with enough soccer imagery to leave Pelé in the emergency wing for the rest of his career. The chorus stuck to me like Gorillaz glue and I found myself singing it everywhere I went. The Villains make such lighthearted fun that you just can’t help but tap a toe or two… even if you’re used to diving into the deep recesses of death metal.

“Rocky,” their latest release, officially made it’s Spotify debut a few weeks back (Click here to listen: Wonder Villains – Rocky). With twelve sharp-cut tracks, the group’s individuality is in full force and shows no signs of slowing. Without a doubt, the Wonder Villains will continue to gain the pop-crazed fans they deserve.I spoke to the group just over a week ago, figuring out their history, their favorite breakfast foods, and where their name came from. Oh, AND THEY MIGHT MAKE AN ABBA VIDEO.

HG: How did you guys come together?

WV: We all went to the same school! Me and Eimear were the only two girls in our year doing both art and music. So naturally we decided to start a band! Kieran was always hanging around band practices and helping out as he’s Eimear’s brother and lived in the same place! Eventually he joined and brought his friend Ryan with him too!

HG: Who are your biggest influences?

WV: We love ABBA, Weezer and Blondie! And the Undertones. And Jack Black.

HG: Why “Wonder Villains?”

WV: Green Day’s International Super Hits starts with a reporter asking a young Billy Joe “It certainly is exciting to meet you here in the recording studio right after you’ve just made your very first record. How does it feel?” And he replies “Wonder Villains!”

HG: Describe your perfect breakfast.

WV: Eggs Benedict! That hollandaise sauce has something magic in it, it’s so delicious!

HG: Where do you see music going in the future? Any certain shifts in genre popularity?

WV: I think ‘Golden Five’ and ‘Debbie’ off our first album are a good example of where we are heading. They were written fairly recently! So more key changes and rap verses I suppose!

HG: Tell me about your live shows. Any favorite spots to play? Mercantile Bar, perhaps?

WV: The Mercantile Bar is a pretty cool spot! I love playing live, we have the most fun on stage! We have an ongoing competition to see who can jump the highest during a rock show. Ryan’s winning at the moment!

HG: How long have you all been playing music for?

WV: All of us have been playing music since we were kids! Me and Eimear were in the school orchestra (violin and clarinet) and Kieran and Ryan were in their other band Future Chaser since they were thirteen.

HG: What is one thing you want your music to do for your fans? Any certain feeling?

WV: To dance and have a brilliant time! When people hang out with us they always say we’re the most excitable band ever. We want to spread the HAPPY!

HG: How does it feel to have “rocky” out in the open?

WV: Amazing! It’s a total dream come true to have an album out! We’ve been working on it for a long time now and I’m really proud of it. It’s so exciting that people can hear it and own it! We were freaking out at our album launch seeing so many people hold Rocky. It was so strange and amazing!

HG: And finally, what can we expect from you guys in the future?

More rock shows, more albums and lots of funny videos on our Facebook page. We may or may not be planning an ABBA video very soon…

Twitter: @wondervillains

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/WonderVillains


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