Prank Calls, Breakfast, and Zoolander: My interview with actor/model Tucker Des Lauriers

Photo: Mariano Vivanco for H&M

Photo: Mariano Vivanco for H&M

By: Harrison Giza

Tucker Des Lauriers is good at looking good. In just his junior year of college, Tucker has collaborated on enough material with artists, musicians, designers, and friends to leave Hemingway breathless and drunk. He doesn’t follow the mold that others willingly do. Des Lauriers acts, directs, and even prank calls. He works on what he wants when he wants to work. No time to waste. Everything he wants he does… when he feels the need to.
During my stay at Hofstra University, I got to hang out with Tucker for small specs of time. In between classes, after getting food, exchanging drunk party chat. To be honest, I didn’t even know he was a model until some girls screamed it into my face, louder than Jim Morrison in rehab. I knew him as the guy who looked like he came from the Kennedy/Clooney campaign, but who spoke about jazz records like his pops owned the shop. One night, I remember, we talked about Thelonious Monk to Ferris Bueller. Even ate a whole bag of chips in the process.
To say the least, Tucker is one suave fucker, who has great taste and happiness on his mind. He’s optimistic, bristled by imagination, and open to working for the sake of doing something creative. Acting to writing, modeling to shooting, he makes it work.
I talked with Tucker earlier this week about his prank history, how he ended up at Paris Hilton’s Fourth of July party, and, most importantly, what he thinks of Zoolander.
Photo: Robert Nethery for Flaunt Magazine

Photo: Robert Nethery for Flaunt Magazine

HG: What was it like to work with Perk Banks? How’d that collaboration come about?

TDL: Working with Perk Banks was an awesome experience that I learned a lot from. It was my first music video I filmed that  Scott Aharoni, the Director, and I had a good budget and some amazing equipment rentals. Scott was the one who first began conversing with Perk and once they established a good relationship and confirmed that they wanted to work together, Scott and I began collaborating with ideas. One thing lead to another and we all worked together and helped each other out and I am very happy with how the music video came out and cannot wait to work on another one!

HG: Tell me about your family. What did you love the most about growing up?

TDL: My family is the greatest! Growing up it was my Dad, Dorian, my mom Dawn, and my two brothers Nick and Eric. I was the youngest of the three boys so I got picked on a lot but I don’t regret it because I believe it made me a better person today. When I was growing up what I loved most was inventing games with my brothers and competing against them. We were and still are extremely competitive people, especially when competing against each other, but it’s all in a fun competitive way. We made up hundreds of different, sometimes incredibly stupid, games like acorn fights… Literally filling a bowl with acorns and throwing them at each other till we just felt like stopping. But it was always fun playing games with them and still to this day when we are all together we’re playing some kind of competitive game. Now since my parents have split, it is My Dad and his husband Jorge, my mom and her husband Doug, along with Doug’s two kids Justin and Jordan. My parents are both happy that the other one is happy and in love and so there is no awkward tension in my family and they still live in the same town and have no issues all being together or anything which is great!

HG: Describe your perfect breakfast.

TDL: For a drink I’ll have a protein shake with a banana, spinach, and another kind of fruit, whichever is around and some peanut butter. And for the meal… huevos rancheros! I love Mexican food and eggs and this dish is a mix of both so it’s my favorite!

HG: When is the last time you prank phone called anyone? I heard you love to do it.

TDL: (laughs) I haven’t done a prank phone call in a while, that was back in my rebellious stages but man I did love doing prank calls…. Might have to do one later today now that you put it in my mind (laughs)

HG: Which side of yourself do you feel closer to – the actor or model? What do both have in common?

TDL: I personally feel closer to my acting side because I can tap into my true emotions and evoke them through my work much more than you can with modeling but I am much more developed as a model. They have a lot in common it would be easier to say whats different because they both are about showing true, instinctive feels comfortably in front of a camera. The only really difference is modeling you do it one frame at a time without dialog and acting you do it 24+ frames per second with dialog. So if you can master showing true instinctive feelings in a single frame while modeling, that can only benefit you when acting as long as you are conscious about every expression, tone, feeling etc for every frame, which is a lot but if it can be done it would be a real truthful acting moment.

HG: What has been your favorite company/product to model for?

TDL: My favorite company to work for… that’s a tough question because you meet so many amazing people at all the different companies and every experience is so unique. But if I had to pick one I would have to say Macy’s because the people there are so genuinely nice and down to earth and those are my kind of people and I’ve worked for Macy’s a number of times and they are such a highly reputable brand which makes it a great client to have!

HG: You love Phish. Do you think you’re the only Phish Phan model?

TDL: (laughs) absolutely not! At least I hope not (laughs) The majority of the friends and people I meet in this industry are very similar and everyone has great taste in music so if I’m the only Phish phan I would be surprised and disappointed in my friends.

HG: How’d you end up at Paris Hilton’s Fourth of July party?

TDL: As people say, it’s all about connections and who you know. My father told me this when I young and told me that networking is the key and to remember everyone’s name and contact information so I always try to do that and I’ve made some great connections and one of my friends was part of the party planning and got my name on the list!

HG: What do you think of films like Zoolander? Do you take offense or is Ben Stiller accurate?

TDL: (laughs) I so glad you asked this question! I recently watched Zoolander for the first time since I have been involved in the modeling industry four years ago and I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a movie in so long. It is shockingly accurate (laughs) sure they take it the extra step like making it impossible for Ben stiller to turn left but there are so many little jokes and puns that make it pretty accurate and I love it! I don’t take any offense to it all it was an awesomely made film.

HG: Do you think there is a certain image men and women should have in this day in age?

TDL: No I don’t think there is a certain image men or women should have, if you are comfortable with who you are that’s all that should matter. Some people get too tied up in trying to look like someone else or change themselves, and although change is good sometimes I think no matter what everyone should be comfortable with who they are.

HG: What’s your favorite band? Favorite movie?

TDL: My favorite movie is Forrest Gump or Ferris Buellers day off My favorite band I don’t know… I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists lately and cannot really decide at the moment (laughs) Sorry.

HG: And finally, how’s life going? What does the future have in store for you?

TDL: Life is great and I am so thankful to be living the life that I am and I’m not taking any of it for granted! And man I have no idea what I’m doing tonight let alone what my future has in store for me (laughs) so whatever is it I’m ready for it!

Photo: Jim Dayao

Photo: Jim Dayao

For more information on Tucker, CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER:


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