The Wolf’s Warning

A fantastic piece on The Wolf Of Wall Street. Please check out for more quasi-orgasmic analysis!


Image I have been prepared for a good while to review and analyze Martin Scorsese’s most recent and perhaps most controversial film to date, The Wolf of Wall Street. Living right near the titular avenue and seeing archetypes of Leo’s Jordan Belfort stalking the reaches of the Financial District weekday mornings, lunch breaks, and at 5 p.m, including a tongue-in-cheek sale on the blu-ray copy of the film at the Dwayne Reed’s nearby, has certainly reminded me of my will to do so. But as the wave of internet feminism increases daily, one begins to see some men retaliate in the defense that they are becoming victimized themselves (evasion as true to form as it comes). And Wolf becomes more than a review in my head; it becomes a launchpad. Get ready wolves, you might make an enemy. And I am a fan of the movie, a great one! I…

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