Biscuits, Dishes, and Swag Rap: My Interview with Kitty


By: Harrison Giza

During this internet-age revolution of hip-hop, Kitty is doing much more than dishes. This Daytona Beach rapper is unlike anything you have heard. She’s hip-hop, but not how the radio plays it. I don’t think she can even be categorized properly because she continues to change her sound, improve her wordplay, and deviate away from what a hip-hop artist is “supposed to” sound like.


Her latest release, impatiens, is her most inventive yet (each track watermarked with Kitty’s personal touch). The opening track, “☆:*・°☆:* emob0unce °☆.*・°☆,” is a melted blur of Mario Kart sounds and click-clack drums capable of making everyone and their mother dance like Vine twerkers. Her last EP, D.A.I.S.Y. Rage (one of my favorite albums from last year), was more of a straightforward rap album if anything, but impatiens goes beyond the blueprint De La Soul left for her – filled with wake ‘n’ Drake talk-singing and disperse flow you wouldn’t expect this time around.

Kitty is what the rap game needs right now because she is one of the few artists I have heard that hasn’t strayed from their own originality. Each mixtape she drops isn’t the last one. She isn’t pulling a Jay-Z and just hopping on trapped-rap beats just to go with what is current.  I mean, hell, look at what she labels herself on Facebook…

jujThe fact she doesn’t take herself too seriously means that any sound, word, or idea that comes her way can be used without worry of sounding out of place. Her songs can be funny because she is. There isn’t a music label to label her the “suburban teen-rap every-girl” Rolling Stone claims her to be. You can call her a Tumblr-wave white girl until you’re blue in the face. It won’t change the fact that everyone from Danny Brown to my man Robert Christgau like what she’s making.

Kitty seen here with rappers Chip and Dale.

Here she is with rappers Chip and Dale.

I got to talk to Kitty and had the smallest of simple conversation. I told her I was a fan. She gave me an interview. What else am I to say?

HG: Out of all the colors your hair has been, what is your favorite one?

K: So far, my favorite is the one it is now — it’s like silvery-lavender and fades to like mint green at the ends. Then again, every time I dye my hair it’s my new favorite.

HG: Have you listened to the Yeastie Girlz since your interview with Nardwuar?

K: Yep yep.

HG: Do Pitchfork and other music critics matter to you? Robert Christgau liked D.A.I.S.Y. Rage… do positive responses influence you in anyway?

K: Positive responses are cool, but I’ve never really been influenced by peoples criticism or praise. I don’t take suggestions well.

HG: Describe your perfect breakfast.

K: Biscuits and gravy and eggs and bottomless mimosas.

HG: Who are your biggest influences? Who made you want to rap?

K: Danny Brown, De La Soul, Yoni Wolf, A Tribe Called Quest, this kid named Q in my economics class.

HG: Tell me all about your ska and punk phases. The world needs to know.

K: My childhood friend had a cool dad who taught us all about ska. My friends and I still refer to him as “ska boss.” He let me borrow some of his old ska cassette tapes when I was 13 and eventually I found my way into the tight-knit group of ska/punk kids in my town who all had bands and threw house shows. I had the words “unity” written in some type of shitty graffiti lettering on my bedroom wall. My parents accompanied me to every show until i got my own car… I don’t like to think about that phase.

HG: How do you feel Impatiens turned out?

K: Nice and sparkly.

HG: Have any guilty pleasure songs?

K: I have tons. I love Panic at the Disco.

HG: How do you write your songs?

K: I listen to a beat over and over again while walking, driving, riding the train and write or type down things that I’m thinking about or words that are sticking in my brain. Then, I sit at my desk once I have pages full of thoughts and arrange them into rhymes.

HG: What’s your dish-washing technique?

K:  Hot water, rough side of the sponge, very aromatic soaps.


To hear impatiens CLICK HERE:

To hear D.A.I.S.Y. Rage CLICK HERE:

Stay tuned for the follow-up.


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