Elliot Rodger and the Infinite Sadness

By: Harrison Giza

Elliot Rodger is just no. So much no, in fact, that I cannot even express my true distaste for him in full body and mind. He is afterbirth; the scum in a pond that’s too weak to be spotted.

A few moments, well, a few minutes ago, I watched his… Retribution.

For those that don’t know, he who shall not be named took seven lives and injured over seven people this week. He did this by the noble art of drive-by shooting. You know… like Grand Theft Auto! BUT FOR REAL!

What is this? A bad Nolan-universe villain fan parody? This guy called himself a GOD, blamed other people for his virginity, and LITERALLY cackled in front of the camera. It’s admonishing and eternally drill that he will be remembered for even being a person. People will follow him. He will have a growing fan-base, and that’s unfair to the people who actually put effort into things.

In his video “Elliot Rodger, Lonely Vlog, Life is so unfair,” one should note the amount of meme-ability. Just below the actually video, the description sits alone…


He is literally a walking r/circlejerk post,  a 4chan  dream… and ironically enough, the latest horror to probably terrorize your mother, grandmother, and each of their respective book clubs. The sure insanity of a mind unneeded and foolishly self-worshiped. A guy who had family, enough money to Donnie Darko it up on a golf course, and the monologue talent of a burnt marshmallow… who crashed his black BMW into a PARKED car and went out with a gunshot wound to the head.

I’ll end my rant by saying this. Elliot Rodger, whoever he was, wanted this. He wanted people to talk and they will. CNN will run him like Superbowl highlights. But does that really need to happen? Do we really need to hear the name “Elliot Rodger” for more than a day? He didn’t have a girlfriend so he killed people. What else is there to say?


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