Thoughts on Improvisation and “Doing You”

Someone told me once to “do you.”

Now, while I sometimes I like my grammar correctly precise and astutely exact, being a hip-hop fan has surely demented my respect and care for doing the “right thing” when it comes to English. Writing ain’t no Spike Lee movie, man and a person’s voice can be unique in it’s improprieties.

“Do you” is to creative thinking as much as “do good” is to Mr. Feeny leading Cory. It breaks rules but has sentiment, merit and a slight wit.

The song right below us is a song I made up not even twenty minutes ago. All three and half minutes is off the cuff. I’m a huge fan of improvisation and when playing guitar it’s always good to have a Colin Mocharie mindset. Dylan never took himself serious. Why should you?

Click. Listen. Come back to me.


I played. I listened. I posted. Now all I need I the sold-out concerts.

Lots of people will tell you to keep doing something until it is perfect, until every inch, crevasse, note,  and stroke are positively dynamite.

Forget that. Perfection is just another word pretentious critics put upon THEIR favorite stuff.

Question yourself, but not if you enjoy what you create. Listen to friends, but never binge in their opinions. When you improvise, you enlighten yourself like a bulb of sonder night sky. Find heroes. Strive to be original, but remember that homage is as important as it is touching.

And above all…

Do you.








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