Snow Days: A New Englander’s stance

Samuel Clemens said that “if you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” For any New Englander, this is undeniably a fact. Our habitat is nothing but a supreme weather monstrosity filled with snow, rain, and out-of-place Yankee fans. We trudge, we kick, we slide, we slow, bombarded by the clouds above us.

Amidst all of nature’s toil, there is still a sacred reason that the weather here is worth it’s price of purchase- snow days.

Being that rare child that hated going to school, waking up to your lawn covered in powder was like winning bingo or a toy-filled Christmas. No school, no cares, and all the time to wander off into adventure.

Even as one gets older, the feeling of excitement stays. Sure, you might get work off and yeah you can’t go anywhere, but look on the Mr. Brightside!

Time has been killed. There are no great powers of responsibility to uphold your craving to lay in bed all day and sleep. Today, life is your Netflix queue.

Like most Massachusetts folk, I have rolled around in enough snow to make Tony Montana jealous. As I type these weightless words, snowflakes are hitting the ground with triumphant force. When your neighborhood looks like Hoth, that’s how you know you are having a good snow day.

No matter how cold the air gets and how messy the roads end up, snow days are worth it. They stimulate the environment they envelope. People talk about the snow, complain about the snow, and drain their brains trying to beat the polar vortex.

These herds of white make people quicker to warn friends and family about oncoming road issues and school delays. People become more involved outside of their bodies and for a change we care about others.

So forget your schoolwork and worries. Breathe nostalgia. Be a kid again.Image


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