The Perfect Whiskey Sour: An Introduction By Harrison Giza

Whether you are stressed, bankrupt, or stuck at a friend’s “nah man, he’s a cool guy” party, a whiskey sour is the key to your relief.
Usual stew:
2 oz of choice whiskey (Black Velvet or Maker’s Mark preferably).
Juice 1/2 a lemon.
1/2 tsp of sweet, yet sensual sugar.
Think about your childhood.
Garnish with a red cherry to make your sour pop.
Throw in half the damn lemon. Look classy for once.
One should shake their whiskey in their whiskey receptacle of choice. After adding Jack Lemmon’s juice, the powdered sugar should be lightly poured over the ice cubes. A highball is important. Use your glass as a canvas to paint your sweet & sour fruit garnishes.
Enjoy always.

Absent of any flaw.

Absent of any flaw.


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